Cardiovascular Training for Youth Hockey

There is no debate as to whether age-specific cardiovascular training is safe for youth sides; cardio training undoubtedly improves match performance, and has no ill effects to a teenager or child’s growth or physiology. It is then no surprise that a good cardiovascular training program should be part and parcel for youth teams in any sport whether it be football, basketball, or beach volleyball.

The beauty of cardio training is that you don’t really have to invest in machines used in fitness tests, as this article isn’t about professional sides; that being said, if your team has access to machines such as treadmills and stationary bikes, all the better.

Cardiovascular training is a great way to teach children the value of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, which are all attributes you must seek to engender when coaching youth sides for any particular sport – including hockey. Hockey is a fast-paced paced, physical sport that puts a premium on technique and strength. You will be suprised at how competitive youth hockey could be especially if you are a novice at coaching.

This is why we have formulated a sample cardiovascular training plan for your youth hockey side with nothing more than a few cones and a jump rope.

Jump Rope

Jump RopeThe benefits of skipping on a jump rope for aerobic exercise is well-documented; the jump rope is an essential tool for any cardiovascular training regimen. Furthermore, it’s something you can take anywhere. Have your players jump on their two feet using the balls of their feet and work with their timing and rhythm. Have them count their repetitions and encourage them to always beat their previous high score as though it were a video game.

Jumping Sprints

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This plyometric exercise promotes explosive jumps and sprints all in one go while being very simple to set up. Simply place two cones two or three feet apart, and have three players line up in front of them. Have them do a vertical leap over both cones and finish with a ten-yard sprint and jog back to the end of the line, and repeat as necessary.

Lateral Ski Jumps

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Lateral-Ski-Jumps.pngThe same is true for this plyometric exercise. Have your charges stand with their feet aligned to their shoulders, with their knees and hips at a slightly bent angle. Using a hockey stick placed on their side (or a cone for extra challenge), have them jump vertically using both of their feet and arms for momentum as high as they can over the stick or the cone to their side. Make sure that they land softly with their knees and hips at the same angle as they were prior to jumping over the stick or cone, as though doing a ski jump.

Relay Sprints

For the last exercise, have them line up into two equal groups while setting up two cones about 20-30 feet apart from each other. Have them sprint to touch the second cone and back to the starting cone, and have them tag the next player to do the same thing. The first team to get their players back to the starting position wins; jazz this up by having them sprint while doing cariocas, skips, laterally, backwards or on one leg for extra challenge.

As you can see, cardio training is fun, effective, and a way to get your players not just into proper match fitness, but also a fun way to encourage competition within the squad. You will find that the discipline that cardio training entails will spill over to their technical training habits, which can only be a good thing for your hockey team once they hit the rinks.

How to Tame and Define Your Wavy Hair in 5 Minutes

flatter wavy hair

Having wavy hair situates you somewhere between curly-haired women and straight-haired women. In a way, you can use tips and tricks that are applicable to both types of hair, but sometimes having half curls may become frustrating. In case you don’t want to go for a silky, straight look all the time, here are a few ways you can easily tame and define your curls by using hair products and hair styling tools. All these solutions take 5 minutes or less, so you must try them!

Hair products that flatter wavy hair

If you wake up with a messy hairdo that looks half straight and half wavy, or you went to the beach and enjoined a nice day in the sun and the water, you definitely need to use a few styling products before you go out. Assuming that you don’t have time for a session of shampooing and conditioning, you can apply any type of creamy styling product starting from your roots to your temples. This is meant to tame the hair that is not too wavy anyway. In addition, you should apply a volume mousse on your curly ends. The volume mouse dehydrates your hair, making it lighter, thus sustaining the waves that were previously formed.

Not wearing a silky cap on your head while you sleep will definitely damage the curls that form on the outer layers of your hair. So, if your hair looks hopeless and you have no waves to define, but only portions of dull hair, then you should sweep your hair to the other side or to a side where you don’t part it normally. In this way you will uncover the more defined strains of your hair that might get you through the day. Don’t skip over applying any type of foam for curly hair, especially next to your roots.

Hair styling tools that help with wavy hair

Using hair styling tools might not be something you’re crazy about, but they are of great help especially when you are in a big hurry. If you are the proud owner of a curling iron, you can use it to define some of your curls. If you don’t own one yet,That’s Foxy will deffinitly be able to help you find the curling want or iron. In less than 5 minutes, you have enough time to wrap a few hair strands on the curling iron and create a nice wavy effect that covers the mess under it. Indeed, the curling iron involves heat that is harmful for your hair, but you can use the lowest level of heat and obtain the same results.

The flat iron is a hair styling tool you can rely on as well. If your hair is long enough, you can use it as a curling iron by wrapping your long strands of hair around it. Also, a great way of using the flat iron to curl your hair is to braid it, flatten the braid manually and then apply heat on it before letting it loose again. The thickness of the braids depends on how tight you want your curls to be.
Although all these methods are effective and quick, do not skip over deep conditioning your hair and properly styling it when you have enough time on your hands. However, whenever you are in a hurry, you can pick one and try it or combine them for the perfect look!

Packing List for a Family Day out to the Beach

Going to the beach for a day out with your family can be really exciting and full of fun. Gazing at the waves while sitting at the sand gives a wonderful view which you won’t forget. You will always enjoy going to the beach with your family if you have the required things packed with you. Otherwise, you might need to leave for home in the middle of your trip. So, you need to have the required essential things for a day out to the beach.

Packing lists vary depending upon your interests, needs and what you plan to do. So, to help you out with what you need to pack for a family day out to the beach, here is a simple list (with sub-lists) including the required essentials.

1. Beach Essentials

You would want to keep the essential things required for your trip to the beach. So, here is the list of essentials for a trip to the beach:
  • Beach bag, to keep all your items.
  • Beach chairs (if you are going to a place which wouldn’t have chairs), to sit and rest.
  • Umbrella, to protect you from the sun if it gets too hot or sunny.
  • Towel, to dry yourself.

2. Clothing

You can wear your clothes over your swimwear while going out to the beach but this list also includes kids. So, you got to keep some items related to clothing which include:
  • Swim diapers for kids.
  • Extra clothes for kids, so that you can replace their wet clothes.
  • Swimsuits.
  • Water shoes.

3. Accessories

aviator sunwearSome accessories are really important while going to the beach. They are:
  • Sunglasses, one of the most important accessories. Choose excellent aviator sunwear that will serve as a protection for your eyes, so make sure that you keep a pair for everyone in your family.
  • Hats/Caps, another good protection from the sun.
  • Combs/Hairbrushes.
  • Something to read/iPod, so that you don’t get bored.
  • Beach toys for kids.
  • An air bed for splashing around
  • Volleyball (if the beach has a volleyball net), to play.
  • Any other sports gear, make sure that you put a name label on it so that you don’t lose it.

4. Food

You should keep some food with you. Here is a list for the food items that you can keep:
  • Sandwiches/Salad.
  • Juice/Soda, if you have a cooler bag.
  • Nuts.
  • Filtered water for everyone.
  • Chocolates.

If you want to carry a lot of food, then you have to carry a big lunchbox.

5. Health

You can’t ignore your health, so you need to take some precautionary steps while going out to the beach. To prevent any kind of damage, you should carry these items:
  • Sunscreen, for your whole family.
  • Insect repellents.
  • Pain killers.
  • First aid kit.
  • Wipes, for cleaning purposes.

Also, if you are on any kind of medication then you should keep your medicine with you.

The Type of Air Purifier Unit You Need

Did you know that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air? With that being said, I hope it’s clear that you need to use an air purifier to remove indoor pollution.

Most indoor air pollutants are so tiny they can easily pass through your nose down to your lungs. These pollutants are not only limited to pet hair and dander but they can also include molds, dust mites and pollen.

That’s why it’s crucial to install an ionizer or air purifier that traps dust and other harmful allergens before they cause damage to your health. As a result, you’ll have fresher air inside your house.

Air PurifierWhat type of unit you need?

Not all air purifiers are created equal, there are different techniques like ionic, HEPA and UV purification. Thus, you must make sure that the unit you choose can solve your health problem.

For instance, if you want to remove allergens, you’ll need a true HEPA filtration unit as it can remove household dust, mold spores, smoke, ragweed pollen, grass pollen, among others.

However, if you only want to remove dust, you can look for an air purifier that comes with filtration that uses electrostatic plates, or you may look into ionic air purifier product reviews. These type of units can remove household dust, smoke and pet dander. Pesky odor can also be removed.

On the other hand, if you only need to eliminate odor from your house, you can use a unit that has carbon odor elimination filters. It doesn’t only remove odor from smoking but it also eliminates pet dander.

Regardless of the type of air purifier you want to use, you need to make sure that it’s certified by Asthma Society.

What’s the Best Water Filtration System to Use at Home?

culligan-fm-15a-faucet-filterTap water can be risky without you knowing it. There may be tons of possible water contaminants present in your water today. That’s why water filtration or purification is essential. A good water filter should be able to remove unwanted things like chemical pollutants, bad microorganisms, parasites, rust, and other health hazards.

It shouldn’t be a headache choosing for an ideal water treatment method for residential use. You just have to know your options and find what matches your specific needs. Read on to find out some of your available options.

Filtration systems may involve technologies such as reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, distillation, and water softening procedures to eliminate unwanted particles and harmful bacteria/organisms in water.

Among the easiest water purification methods are those that you can simply attach to your faucets or undersink. You may also consider a whole house water filtration system if you want a filter be installed in your house’s central water line. Some house water filters also include water softeners, which basically reduces the level of mineral content especially in hard water. Filtration systems that incorporate a water softener are ideal for residents who have their own water supply.

Remember that installing a water filter system may be expensive; however in the long run, investing in an effective water filter is truly worthwhile as you are ensuring your family’s health and safety.

Breath Freely With HEPA Air Purifiers

winix-PlasmaWave-5300-500x500Dust, dirt and other harmful particles in the air that we breath are increasing with each passing day. The utility of air purifiers at this point in time is beyond any doubt unless you stay in a remote village still not affected by the horror that is modern industry and technology. But since you have internet and are reading this article, you most likely stay in a metropolitan area with air pollutants reigning supreme.

HEPA Air Purifiers – Your Key To Healthy Air

But the question is, can the regular air purifiers really do the job? Especially if you stay in an area where countless cars and machines gurgle out harmful particles every living hour? Simply cleaning may not be enough. Well, the answer lies in HEPA air purifiers. These devices were created to absorb radioactive particles created by the Manhattan Project hence you can easily understand how powerful these babies are.

HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air purifiers are mandated by the US government to filter 99.7% of all air contaminants up to 0.3 micrometers in size which should tell you something about their efficacies. Most of these purifiers come with pre-filters that capture the larger dust and dirt particles increasing the life of the HEPA filter. Additional carbon filter will take care of noxious odors, chemicals and gasses rendering your living space completely safe and healthy.

Clean And Effective Solution For Polluted Air:

Purifiers with larger filter sizes can absorb more contaminants thus making them super effective for the more pollution ridden areas. The filters, however, need to be changed every three to twelve months as they work on overdrive most of the times in order to provide you with a safe and secure household.

There are many models in the market that you can choose from but going with the ones with larger filters and longer filter replacement cycles is the key. Whirlpool and Honeywell are two major players in the market with a line up of very efficient HEPA purifiers. Choose wisely, breathe easily and live healthy for the months to come.

The Perfect Air Bed For The Naughtiest Kids

SuperbAir Inflatable Air Bed

SuperbAir Inflatable Air Bed

A life with toddlers in the house is never easy, especially when it comes to making them sleep in the night. These little bundles of energy and joy love to sleep in the most inappropriate hours and wreak havoc during the night. The AeroBed Sleep Tight (here at Sleep on Air) is a comfortable and durable air bed that claims to be able to soothe even the naughtiest of your toddlers to sleep. And as for what we found out, it really does the job!

Sturdy Yet Safe:

Made from PVC, this air bed is very sturdy. The electronically welded seams can handle a lot of punishment, even if your kids turn the bed into a trampoline. Amazingly, the bed manages to stay very soft and comfortable even after being made of such durable materials.

The bed has 4” high safety cushions that prevent toddlers from rolling over the bed and hurting themselves. Measuring at 50” X 25”, this bed is quite large as well. So you can easily leave your kids to sleep on the AeroBed Sleep Tight without having to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to a sharp cry of pain.

Inflates In A Jiffy:

The bed comes with an AC pump that can inflate the bed in just 1 minute. It deflates as quickly as well. Due to this fast inflation, you can easily carry this bed with you when going on a camping trip. Your kids will love to sleep on this bed after a day of fun and exhaustion. Just do not forget to charge the pump beforehand.

This bed is washable so even if your kids manage to soil it during the night, you can easily clean it. Priced very affordably, the AeroBed Sleep Tight once again proves AeroBed’s command over the air mattress market. If you have kids and toddlers in the house, this is a product you should definitely buy.

For even more air mattresses, just visit

Traditional Cleaning vs Steam Mops – What To Choose

The war continues to wage between traditional and steam cleaners. If you are reading this page then you might be considering switching to a steam mop as well. But before you take out your wallet or credit card, you should learn a few facts about steam mops. Keep reading to find out why steam mops are better than olden ways of cleaning.

A Solution For All Surfaces:

When steam mops first surfaced in the market, they were equipped to clean only the floor. But with time, these cleaners have evolved and the best home steam mop and cleaner products of today can clean variety of surfaces such as marble, wood, cement and tiles. They can also clean the walls, kitchen counters, glass tops and other areas of the house that catch dirt quickly.

Changeable Cleaning Pads:

Most steam cleaners support different cleaning pads for different types of washing. Microfiber pads for regular cleaning, scrub pads for heavy cleaning and dusting pads for dusting. Most of these pads are washable so you can keep cleaning your entire house without changing the pads every other day.

Quick Turnaround Times:

Steam cleaners of the yesteryear required a lot of time before water turned into steam. But newer models like the Hoover WH20200 take only 30 seconds to get ready for cleaning. Steam cleaning does not leave excess water hence soaking up after cleaning is easy.

What You Should Not Expect Your Steam Cleaner To Do:

  • Do not clean surfaces and items that are not specified by the manufacturer. If there is an item you or area you want to clean and the manual does not mention anything about it, do not do it.
  • Do not clean without vacuuming the floor first, just like you would before using a regular mop. Many people try using the steam mop as a vacuum and get dissatisfied.
  • Do not use the steam cleaner near places that are sensitive to water such as rugs, carpets and power sources unless the manufacturer mentions so.

Now armed with these nuggets of information you can go out and purchase your steam cleaner to get a clean and shiny home. Here is a good place to start.

A Quick Buying Guide for Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets although often not too loud in their looks can be a very important center piece of your kitchen. To have a really cool kitchen faucet and elevate it to be one of the most important parts of your home aesthetics, you have to very carefully choose the best possible faucet of your kitchen. Now let us focus on some parameters which would help you get the best bargain suiting your house.

  • Installation: However good may the faucet look, do not dive in to buy, rather think about your sink and then look for the choices. Installing the faucet needs some holes in your sink unit and you don’t want it to spill water. You may add some more holes to adjust a particular model, but that might harm you sink unit in the long term. So it is always better to stick to the models that support your sink. Thus the part of installation becomes the number one consideration while buying the perfect kitchen faucet. The most popular choice nowadays are the one hole ones where the spray head and handle comes integrated followed by the three-holed models.
  • Sink Designs: It is needless to mention that your kitchen faucet will be a non-detachable part of your sink, so it is really important to consider certain facts about your sink while getting your faucet. The spout of certain faucets can be as long as 20 inches, you have to be mindful about the model when your sink head room is a little bit crunched. If your sink is deeper then a shorter spout like these Delta faucets is recommended as it reduces the amount of splash back water.
  • Design: Well its needs no genius to make out that this is the parameter that drives most of the choices. A kitchen faucet is no different, but it is important to give the first two parameters the highest priorities and then go for the most stylish faucets in the market. is the best place for finding all the information about market leading kitchen faucets. A perfectly chosen faucet will enhance the looks of your kitchen and make cooking and cleaning a breeze.