The Perfect Air Bed For The Naughtiest Kids

SuperbAir Inflatable Air Bed

SuperbAir Inflatable Air Bed

A life with toddlers in the house is never easy, especially when it comes to making them sleep in the night. These little bundles of energy and joy love to sleep in the most inappropriate hours and wreak havoc during the night. The AeroBed Sleep Tight (here at Sleep on Air) is a comfortable and durable air bed that claims to be able to soothe even the naughtiest of your toddlers to sleep. And as for what we found out, it really does the job!

Sturdy Yet Safe:

Made from PVC, this air bed is very sturdy. The electronically welded seams can handle a lot of punishment, even if your kids turn the bed into a trampoline. Amazingly, the bed manages to stay very soft and comfortable even after being made of such durable materials.

The bed has 4” high safety cushions that prevent toddlers from rolling over the bed and hurting themselves. Measuring at 50” X 25”, this bed is quite large as well. So you can easily leave your kids to sleep on the AeroBed Sleep Tight without having to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to a sharp cry of pain.

Inflates In A Jiffy:

The bed comes with an AC pump that can inflate the bed in just 1 minute. It deflates as quickly as well. Due to this fast inflation, you can easily carry this bed with you when going on a camping trip. Your kids will love to sleep on this bed after a day of fun and exhaustion. Just do not forget to charge the pump beforehand.

This bed is washable so even if your kids manage to soil it during the night, you can easily clean it. Priced very affordably, the AeroBed Sleep Tight once again proves AeroBed’s command over the air mattress market. If you have kids and toddlers in the house, this is a product you should definitely buy.

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