Breath Freely With HEPA Air Purifiers

winix-PlasmaWave-5300-500x500Dust, dirt and other harmful particles in the air that we breath are increasing with each passing day. The utility of air purifiers at this point in time is beyond any doubt unless you stay in a remote village still not affected by the horror that is modern industry and technology. But since you have internet and are reading this article, you most likely stay in a metropolitan area with air pollutants reigning supreme.

HEPA Air Purifiers – Your Key To Healthy Air

But the question is, can the regular air purifiers really do the job? Especially if you stay in an area where countless cars and machines gurgle out harmful particles every living hour? Simply cleaning may not be enough. Well, the answer lies in HEPA air purifiers. These devices were created to absorb radioactive particles created by the Manhattan Project hence you can easily understand how powerful these babies are.

HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air purifiers are mandated by the US government to filter 99.7% of all air contaminants up to 0.3 micrometers in size which should tell you something about their efficacies. Most of these purifiers come with pre-filters that capture the larger dust and dirt particles increasing the life of the HEPA filter. Additional carbon filter will take care of noxious odors, chemicals and gasses rendering your living space completely safe and healthy.

Clean And Effective Solution For Polluted Air:

Purifiers with larger filter sizes can absorb more contaminants thus making them super effective for the more pollution ridden areas. The filters, however, need to be changed every three to twelve months as they work on overdrive most of the times in order to provide you with a safe and secure household.

There are many models in the market that you can choose from but going with the ones with larger filters and longer filter replacement cycles is the key. Whirlpool and Honeywell are two major players in the market with a line up of very efficient HEPA purifiers. Choose wisely, breathe easily and live healthy for the months to come.

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