Packing List for a Family Day out to the Beach

Going to the beach for a day out with your family can be really exciting and full of fun. Gazing at the waves while sitting at the sand gives a wonderful view which you won’t forget. You will always enjoy going to the beach with your family if you have the required things packed with you. Otherwise, you might need to leave for home in the middle of your trip. So, you need to have the required essential things for a day out to the beach.

Packing lists vary depending upon your interests, needs and what you plan to do. So, to help you out with what you need to pack for a family day out to the beach, here is a simple list (with sub-lists) including the required essentials.

1. Beach Essentials

You would want to keep the essential things required for your trip to the beach. So, here is the list of essentials for a trip to the beach:
  • Beach bag, to keep all your items.
  • Beach chairs (if you are going to a place which wouldn’t have chairs), to sit and rest.
  • Umbrella, to protect you from the sun if it gets too hot or sunny.
  • Towel, to dry yourself.

2. Clothing

You can wear your clothes over your swimwear while going out to the beach but this list also includes kids. So, you got to keep some items related to clothing which include:
  • Swim diapers for kids.
  • Extra clothes for kids, so that you can replace their wet clothes.
  • Swimsuits.
  • Water shoes.

3. Accessories

aviator sunwearSome accessories are really important while going to the beach. They are:
  • Sunglasses, one of the most important accessories. Choose excellent aviator sunwear that will serve as a protection for your eyes, so make sure that you keep a pair for everyone in your family.
  • Hats/Caps, another good protection from the sun.
  • Combs/Hairbrushes.
  • Something to read/iPod, so that you don’t get bored.
  • Beach toys for kids.
  • An air bed for splashing around
  • Volleyball (if the beach has a volleyball net), to play.
  • Any other sports gear, make sure that you put a name label on it so that you don’t lose it.

4. Food

You should keep some food with you. Here is a list for the food items that you can keep:
  • Sandwiches/Salad.
  • Juice/Soda, if you have a cooler bag.
  • Nuts.
  • Filtered water for everyone.
  • Chocolates.

If you want to carry a lot of food, then you have to carry a big lunchbox.

5. Health

You can’t ignore your health, so you need to take some precautionary steps while going out to the beach. To prevent any kind of damage, you should carry these items:
  • Sunscreen, for your whole family.
  • Insect repellents.
  • Pain killers.
  • First aid kit.
  • Wipes, for cleaning purposes.

Also, if you are on any kind of medication then you should keep your medicine with you.

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