Traditional Cleaning vs Steam Mops – What To Choose

The war continues to wage between traditional and steam cleaners. If you are reading this page then you might be considering switching to a steam mop as well. But before you take out your wallet or credit card, you should learn a few facts about steam mops. Keep reading to find out why steam mops are better than olden ways of cleaning.

A Solution For All Surfaces:

When steam mops first surfaced in the market, they were equipped to clean only the floor. But with time, these cleaners have evolved and the best home steam mop and cleaner products of today can clean variety of surfaces such as marble, wood, cement and tiles. They can also clean the walls, kitchen counters, glass tops and other areas of the house that catch dirt quickly.

Changeable Cleaning Pads:

Most steam cleaners support different cleaning pads for different types of washing. Microfiber pads for regular cleaning, scrub pads for heavy cleaning and dusting pads for dusting. Most of these pads are washable so you can keep cleaning your entire house without changing the pads every other day.

Quick Turnaround Times:

Steam cleaners of the yesteryear required a lot of time before water turned into steam. But newer models like the Hoover WH20200 take only 30 seconds to get ready for cleaning. Steam cleaning does not leave excess water hence soaking up after cleaning is easy.

What You Should Not Expect Your Steam Cleaner To Do:

  • Do not clean surfaces and items that are not specified by the manufacturer. If there is an item you or area you want to clean and the manual does not mention anything about it, do not do it.
  • Do not clean without vacuuming the floor first, just like you would before using a regular mop. Many people try using the steam mop as a vacuum and get dissatisfied.
  • Do not use the steam cleaner near places that are sensitive to water such as rugs, carpets and power sources unless the manufacturer mentions so.

Now armed with these nuggets of information you can go out and purchase your steam cleaner to get a clean and shiny home. Here is a good place to start.

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